Distilling large language models for enterprise

Malt AI’s platform enables enterprises to build custom AI solutions utilising distilled Large Language Models (LLMs), trained on their proprietary data in a secure environment. The platform leverages distillation to inject domain-specific knowledge into smaller, focused LLMs that can scale in production.

How distillation works

Teacher LLM
Synthetic data
Student LLMs

Synthetic data from a ‘teacher’ model is used to train a series of ‘student’ models to solve complex real-world problems where general AI solutions fail, resulting in cost reduction by a factor of 10-100x.

Benefits of Malt AI

The platform enables enterprises to build custom AI solutions leveraging distilled LLMs, trained securely on their own proprietary data.

  • Domain-specific

    Our focused solutions solve industry-specific problems where general AI fails.

  • Cost-effective

    Smaller cost-effective models that reduce cost by a factor of 10-100x.

  • Secure

    Deploy safely on your VPCs, on-prem, or the Malt AI secure cloud.

  • IP

    Clients create their own proprietary data and custom models.

Use cases

  • Search and understanding

    Find answers to domain-specific questions over company knowledge.

  • Report generation

    Support decision making through automated reports and insights.

  • Information extraction

    Real-time extraction of structured information from customer interactions.

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